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The idea of creating Komsum Estates is to make unused lands useful
in inner cities captured the imagination of people of all ages and all racial and economic back grounds.

It occured to the CEO and observed the construction of Dansoman Estates, he compared it to the old Ghanaian tradition of barn raising, which celebrates not only the physical accomplishment of building but also the  experience of interdependence and community.

We can talk endless about building community, but unless people really experience their need for one another it won’t develop.

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 Off Kwashieman Odorkor Road (Directly Opposite Kwashieman Chief’s Palace or 100 metres from the Motorway-Kwashieman)

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  P. O. Box MP 3432, Mamprobi - Accra

  0249411770 / 0244608780 / 0275127010